Gingerbread Family

Every year, for Christmas and birthdays, we get my Grandf’er something ginger flavoured because it’s his absolute favourite. This birthday was a big one, his 80th, so we needed something extra special!

My mum had the idea of making gingerbread men – one for every member of our family!

Men 3

Ok, they look a little amateur, my icing isn’t the best, but how cute are they! My Grandma has her statement scarf, my Dad’s wearing his glasses, and my cousin has his hipster beard and cardigan! Also notice second to the left at the front, that’s me, and I’m doing the splits!

Men 5

The original recipe is from the ‘Good Housekeeping Cookery Book’, which is a favourite in our house. It was given to my parents for their engagement so is over 20 years old!

Men 1

The recipe suggests you’ll make 12 men but we made 18 and still had plenty of left over dough to make a few hearts too.

Men 2

Gingerbread men 6

Men 4

I wanted a photo of my Grandf’er holding up his gingerbread man twin but he’d eaten the head before I had the chance! And no one wants to see a beheaded gingerbread man.

So here’s a picture of my gingerbread Grandma instead!

Happy baking! xx

P.S. Sorry for not posting last week. I had a very exciting trip to Japan, which I’ll be posting about soon! My dissertation is also due at the end of the month so please bear with me, posts may be a little sporadic before then!

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