Happy Things

We all lead busy lives and it isn’t always easy to stay positive when focussed on deadlines, train delays and fixing burst light bulbs. A friend and I were catching up and commented on how our housemates and friends seemed down. Yes, third year of University is tough but whining and taking it out on other people doesn’t make it any easier. Friends should support each other and so we decided to do just that. We now message each other with silly little happy things that happen to us during the week. Yesterday I caught up with another friend who has been having a tough time and again we swapped our cute, uplifting anecdotes and both of us felt better for it.  Now when I come home from campus after a tiring day I am going to reflect, not on how rough the day was nor how much work I still have left to do, but on the small things that made me happy. You know, those little things that would perhaps usually go unnoticed and unappreciated.


Here are a few of my happy things and I hope that they make you happy too…

-I was in a supermarket, at the fish counter, when a small boy, who must have been about three, also approached the counter. You could sense his intrigue at the shiny animals in front of him, with their goggly eyes and pointed fins. He seemed to summon his courage, before lifting up a chubby pink hand and stroking a fish! His mother pulled him away but she needed only to let him out of her gaze for a moment and he was back at the counter, poking the fish. His delight and curiosity left a smile on my face all afternoon.

-Rushing through London Bridge to catch my connecting train I was stopped momentarily but a waft of lilies and roses and carnations. Amongst the hustle and bustle of a typical London station was a beautiful flower stall, the grey broken up with pinks and yellows and greens. A middle-aged man in a suit was delicately inspecting the flowers and I like to think he was picking up a bouquet to bring home to his wife.

– A girl was crying on the train. I was contemplating going to comfort her, when a kind lady leaned across the isle, handed her a tissue and asked if she was okay. The girl gratefully took the tissue before assuring the woman that she was fine. I was too far down the carriage to hear but they carried on chatting for some time. It assured me that lovely people do exist. Even if you’re crying on a train, there may be a kid stranger to comfort you.

Have a positive week. Much Love.


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