Cheesy Tomato Pesto Whirls

Following the delicious success of this Pesto and Mozzarella Gangsta Bread my baking buddy and I were super keen to try out another bread creation.

Bread 4

Cue these tear and share rolls stuffed with mozzarella, parmesan, sun-dried tomatoes and pesto. One of the best flavour combinations, ever! Dustin also had the idea to add jalapeños for an extra kick – highly recommended.

Bread 6

Bread 7

This post is a perfect example of how the baked goods of amateurs look compared to the professionals. Take a look at the recipe from BBC good food here. Please don’t laugh at how ugly ours are in comparison… We tried so hard and followed the instructions exactly!!

Bread 5

If we were to make them again we would roll the dough out a little flatter so the rolls curl more tightly. And also we’d cut up the tomatoes a little smaller to prevent them escaping from the rolls as they cook. More cheese would have gone down well too. I love cheese.

Bread 1

They smell incredible! Yum.

Bread 2

I hope you have all had lovely weeks! Now I am off to tear another roll, to munch off the crispy crust and nibble at the gooey cheesy middle. Byeeeee.

Happy baking xx



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