Exeter’s Cafés – Part 2

A couple of weeks back I gave you a selection of my favourite cafés in Exeter with the promise of more to come so here is the next instalment! I’ve expanded my search for the creamiest coffee and tastiest treat and here give you two more establishments, perfect for cute mate dates and catch up chats…

1) The Glorious Art House So beautifully decorated and full of arty knick-knacks and cool things. Bright colours and floral wall papers me the place warm and inviting. I went for lunch with a few friends and we deliberated over the menu for far too long but I eventually came to the choice of spicy butternut squash soup, served with adorable mini bread loaves! And of course I had to have cake afterwards, a great big slab of dark, rich chocolate cake to be precise. Lovely fresh food served with a smile on beautiful crockery – what more could a girl want?

Coffee 3

2) Devon Coffee This place is diddy, a thin little building that makes the place feel intimate and secluded. The smell of coffee is so teasing you can almost taste it in the air. I am by no means a coffee expert so just asked the barista what she recommended and it was perfect. Rich and creamy with a lovely heart froth design. Nice selection of cakes and nibbles too. My friend and I tucked in to paninis and happily gossiped in our quiet corner.

I have a few more places lined up to blog about but I’m afraid I’m going to make you wait. This week I’ve left Exeter for the summer to return to West Sussex so the next Exeter Café post won’t be up until September. But fear not, good things come to those who wait and I have a lot of exciting posts in the pipeline between then and now!

Speak soon xx

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