Homemade Burgers

Heatwave = barbecue = burgers. So here is a very easy recipe to make your own healthy burgers at home!

My Dad never cooks, he is the washing up man. That is, until we have a barbecue. My sister and I rustle up these yummy burgers and then it’s over to him. He watches the meat patties intently, flipping them tenderly when necessary, to present them proudly at the dinner table once cooked. And then we munch our burgers, sitting in our sunny garden, preferably with a large glass of Pimms!

Burgers 4 Burgers 3

For 4 burgers you need
500 lean beef mince
1 onion
1 egg

Mixed herbs
Tbsp tomato puree or ketchup
Tbsp mustard

Simply mix all of the ingredients well (best done with hands), and add the optional ingredients of your choice – I just used mixed herbs this time. Then split the meat into four even patties, moulding them well to ensure they don’t break whilst cooking. Recipes differ on the best ways of sealing the meat but I’ve found that lightly brushing each burger with oil helps to prevent them sticking to the barbecue grills. For medium cooked burgers they need about 10 minutes.

Then pop them in a bun, layer on some cheese and a dollop of ketchup and eat away! We had our with salad and sweet potato chips – recommended.

Happy eating!

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Burgers 1 Burgers 2


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