Panoramas of Italy

Way, way back in August I hopped on a plane to join Julian in Italy, where he’d driven in his camper van.

I’ve been to Italy a couple of times before, on a family holiday to the Tuscan hills, and a city break with my uni course to Florence, and I love it. Florence is my favourite city in the world, so far! Art, wine, gelato, pizza and pasta – what more could you want?!

So when Ju suggested I join him to explore the Italian lakes I was super excited.

The views were incredible. I’d expected lakes but hadn’t anticipated the stunning mountain backdrops too!

From Lake Garda to Lake Idro, and then Lake Iseo to Lake Como, we drove (Julian drove whilst I chose the music and demanded we stop at every corner to take more photos and eat ice cream!).

Here is a selection of the panoramas I photographed on our trip – they really don’t do it justice…


There’s another post coming with more details of our adventure, and photos of beautiful things!

Have a happy weekend lovely people xx


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