Wine time (again/always!)

Following on from my last blog post, here are two more watering hole suggestions for the inhabitants of lovely Exeter. To refresh your memory, my friend, Jess, and I have been doing a round up of the house whites that Exeter’s bars have to offer. Here are our very official and scientific findings…

Stylishly renovated hospital wing, bar and restaurant, The Cosy Club.

Medium glass of house white: £4.10

I’d actually already been here before, on a date actually, to sample the cocktails (which are great). But I wanted to come agin because it’s so nicely decorated I knew the pictures would be pretty! It has that rustic feel, with peeling wallpaper, worn wooden tables and vintage lights, but also soft touches like pink velvet, tasseled lamp shades and bunting. Very cool.

Wine 11

Of the wines we tried we didn’t think this one was the best, but it was by no means bad, and it was the cheapest. We’d walked to the bar in the pouring rain so when we entered the warm, open space and and sat down on a nice squidgy sofa, glass in hand, there were going to be no complaints from us. Except when it came to leaving and we had to face the elements again to get home…

Summary: Good value, comfy seating, chilled vibe, cool style. 

And to end the series, the sophisticated Rendezvous Wine Bar.

Medium glass of house white: £4.80

As two students we felt a little out of place here and the lady who seated us seemed a bit surprised we only wanted a drink and no food. The other customers were mostly older couples eating dinner and in the small space everyone could here everyone’s conversations, which meant our usual hilarious, giggle-inducing stories had to be tamed down a little. (I felt a bit awkward taking a photo too, so sorry for the quality of these.) It had a nice warm feeling, with red interiors and dark brown leather seats, with fresh flowers on the tables too. You see what I mean, very sophisticated!

This wine was probably the best we’d tried – I know I’ve said Jess and I know nothing about wine but it doesn’t take a genius to know that something’s yummy. It makes sense that the bar is named for its wine. And if we weren’t just trying house whites, there were many other options too. We sipped our sophisticated wine and made sophisticated conversation and walked home, arm in arm, feeling very sophisticated.

Summary: Delicious wine, mature setting, professional staff.

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