Exeter’s Cafés

If eating can be considered a hobby I’d say it’s one of my favourite past times. Add a friend and a cute setting and what better way to spend the day. Exeter is adorned with cool cafés offering huge hunks of cake and artistically foamed coffees.

But the choice is so vast, which café should you visit? In instalments I’ll be documenting my experiences/ showing off what the coffee houses of the city have to offer. Here are three places that I’ve been to recently…

1) Coffee#1
I had a vanilla latte and it was the best I’ve had in a long while. Top cheesecake too. There’s lots of choice for cakes and tray bakes, I can vouch that the victoria sponge are carrot cake are also dreamy. And the place itself is cool: lots of seating space with artsy quotes and modern décor. The employees are always lovely and smiley.

2) Artigiano
Doubling up as a coffee house/wine bar this place merits a visit any time of day. The foam patterns of their hot drinks are amazing – check out the teddy bear hot chocolate! My latte wasn’t the best as it was lukewarm and I couldn’t really taste the vanilla syrup, but my chocolate orange flapjack made up for it. Nice vibe and good music.

Cafe 7

3) The Coffee Cellar
Really nice setting, especially when it’s warm and you sit outside and admire the quay. Inside is super cosy – think dim lighting and mis-matching lampshades, fairy lights and funky furniture. They never seem to be in a rush to serve you but when you get your order it’s great. Plus portion sizes are very generous; I couldn’t finish my mountain of carrot cake.

Cafe 3

Now go and explore! And let me know what you think. The next instalment, featuring more little gems, will be posted in a couple of weeks time.

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