Christmas Wrapped up!

Merry Christmas!

This year I wanted my presents to be beautiful, the kind of presents that provoke delight before they have even been opened. So I hand-decorated wrapping paper!

My starting point was some cheap brown kraft paper (it’s usually alongside the envelopes in shops) and some good old poster paints. Then I revisited some childish techniques – potato stamps and finger printing!

Paper 4

Using a small knife I cut a holly leaf shape into the potato, simply painted the raised edge green and then delicately pressed it onto the paper. A thick layer of paint is best to give the holly a ‘leafy’ look. For the berries I used the rubber-end of a pencil and combined glitter with red paint to make them sparkly. As the paint dries the colour fades a bit so I did a second layer of paint for the berries to make them a nice bright red.

Likewise for the reindeers the dark brown paint faded a lot, as you can see in the pictures, though I’m telling myself they look intentionally rustic. The red noses were added in the same way as the berries and I drew the eyes and antlers with a black fine liner. Cute.

I cut out red letters as labels for the gifts and found some odd bits of twine and ribbon to jazz them up a bit. And here they are, all snug under the tree! I can’t wait for my lovely family and boyfriend to open them (and I’m pretty excited to open mine too!).

Happy Christmas to you!

Paper 6


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