It must be very apparent by now that I am a huge fan of cake. Massive fan.

I’m a big believer in a healthy balanced diet and everyone needs to understand that cake can be part of this! Yeah, it isn’t the most nutritious thing in the world but home made cakes are so much better than processed rubbish. Besides, sometimes you deserve a treat! The happiness you can get from a big wedge of cake and a cuppa with a friend far out weighs the bother of calories.

Cakead 1.jpg

A running friend once said to me ‘runners run because they love running and joggers run because they love cake’! I genuinely do love running but I also love the fact that it burns a few calories and enables to me eat cake (a lot).

Let’s move on from my personal ramblings to Cakeadoodledoo!

Cakead 3

Right by Exeter Cathedral, this adorable little cafe has an amazingggg assortment of cakes. The interior is cute and there are a few tables outside. My lovely friend and I went for Victoria Sponge and the coffee cake and there were no regrets!

They have a good sense of humour too!

Cakead 2

I just feel like every cake lover should now about this place, so there you go!

Happy eating!


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