Hubbox Burger Heaven

Hubbox burgers are the burgers of dreams.

Hubbox 6

Some time last year my sister, Laura, came to visit me at Uni for a couple of days and we decided to treat ourselves to dinner out. After wandering around for a bit, we chose Hubbox.

Now jump ahead to last week when Laura visited again. The first thing she said upon arrival: ‘Can we go to that amazing burger place again, please?’

Hubbox 4

That pretty much sums it up… The burgers are the best! I couldn’t even wait for the photo before taking a bite…

Not forgetting the chill-beef-fries! Honestly, get the chill-beef-fries! Cheesy, beefy potato, what’s not to love?! Genius.

Hubbox 5

The small restaurant in Exeter prides itself on local ingredients and top quality beef and beer (there are a couple of other restaurants dotted around the West Country too). The cheese burger has a choice of cheeses and we both went for the Cornish Cheddar, which did not disappoint. Cheddar all the way.

Hubbox 2

Whilst you might have to wait to be seated, for the place is super popular, the wait will be so worth it. The food comes quickly once ordered and we occupied ourselves watching the chefs dancing in their shipping container kitchen – free entertainment!


The small space is dressed up like an American diner, with hanging fluorescent signs and graffitied walls. Very cool.    Hubbox 3

After munching our way through the beautiful burger and unforgettable fries, we paid up and stumbled home. Content, with very full tummies and some great Instagram potential.

Happy eating xx


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