Christmas Market Meandering

It’s less than three weeks until Christmas!!! And only one more week left of term before I can go home and put up the Christmas tree with my family (I make them wait for me!). So I’m making the most of being in the West Country, which means visiting CHRISTMAS MARKETS YAY.

First up, Exeter!

I have been a couple of times this year already and will probably try and squeeze in another trip for one more mulled wine before I head home. In my opinion this market is the best for food – so much more choice! It is a bit smaller than Bath but that means it’s less busy so there’s pros and cons to that. I have gorged on tasters of cheese and chutney and cider and it has been delicious. I’ve also sampled (or rather devoured) a venison burger and a bratwurst (as modelled by my sausage-loving housemate) and both of them were yum yum yum.

There are cute little stalls for gifts too, homemade soaps, plants and scarfs – that sort of thing. I bought my mum a lovely, heart-shaped chalk board last year. It’s right by the Cathedral too which makes a lovely setting, especially when there’s a beautiful sunset – even if my housemate was out to ruin my photos!

Next up, Bath!

Bath is such a nice city and as visitors my friends and I were keen to do everything – the baths, fashion museum and art gallery, as well as the markets. It made a great day out, not even the cold and rain could spoil our fun. Especially because we had delicious hot chocolate to warm our chilly hands and tummies. There was less choice for food here and we spent at least twenty minutes waiting for a pulled pork burger (though it did taste good).

Nice gifts and goodies were everywhere and there were stalls all around the town. The really weird thing about Bath was that none of us could get signal or internet connection which was not convenient when the city is packed and your group gets separated! Luckily, we bumped into each other again by chance, to finish off a fab day with mulled wines all round.

Happy market meandering! xx

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