Sweet Potato Brownies

I’m a bit sceptical about ‘healthy’ versions of indulgent treats. Something fat free and sugar free seems suspect to me. I’d rather have a little slither of a perfectly unhealthy chocolate fudge cake and go for a run than be subjected to a weird stodgy mixture of mushed avocado, dates and almonds disguised as cake.

Brownies 1

As well as the peculiar taste you need to source weird, expensive ingredients, because my local definitely does not stock raw cacao. How do you even pronounce it?!

But my lovely friend, Jess, got the Deliciously Ella cookbook for Christmas and was keen to try these brownies out. We used honey instead of maple syrup, which worked fine but they could have done with a little extra sweetness. They are surprisingly nice!

I’m not saying I’ve been converted because I would choose a proper brownie any day but these are actually yummy! And they do not taste at all like potato! Rather a squidgy, chocolatey square of goodness. For people who have restricted dietary requirements it’s so great that recipes like this are out there so that they can have a treat too.

Brownies 5

Happy baking!


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