Cheeky Chutney

The run up to Christmas is here and with less than a month to go it is time to be thinking about presents!  Home-made things are a cute option and show the receiver you really care about them. Think jams, soaps and baked goods – a grown-up alternative to the pasta necklaces we lumbered on our parents during primary school. This chutney doesn’t really have a recipe and consists of throwing in some yummy things and getting something yummy out – super easy!

We used a handful of spring onions, a couple of big salad tomatoes and a generous pile of cherry ones, two apples, a big splash of vinegar, a little splash of water, a red pepper and seasoning. The beauty in chutney is that you can’t really go wrong so add extra of what you like, take out things you don’t and it should still turn out nice! Finely chop the ingredients and heat on the hob at a low temperature. Then just leave the mixture to gently bubble away, stirring occasionally. Add water and vinegar as you see fit, you want a good texture to blob onto a cheese sandwich but with tasty, still identifiable chunks of veg.

By heating a jar in the oven at 120 degrees you will sterilise it and it’s then perfect to hold your chutney. With a cute bow it makes the perfect gift! Alternatively you can eat it immediately in a warm chicken wrap, as we did, or with a slightly dishevelled frittata.

Happy cooking!

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