Italian Roadtrip

Again, I have been absent from my blog for agessss – sorry about that.

Here, finally, is Italy take two… Just a few snippets from our trip…

Iseo Lake


I woke up in the night to the sound of crashing waves. Disorientated in the van, I was convinced we were sinking, before remembering we were parked alongside the water’s edge. Pulling back the curtain, at 5am, I saw this view and had to take a picture. The day was already warm and it seemed a waste to go back to bed (though I did, begrudgingly, because Julian would have been grumpy had I woken him).


Once we were both awake and fed, we drove into the town to explore. Julian was in one of his fully-blown ‘I’m a photographer’ moods, setting up his tripod all over the place, so I meandered ahead and people-watched.


Everyone was drinking Aperol Spritz, from the bikini clad twenty-somethings to the sun-wrinkled grannies. We thought we should join in! After escaping from the first bar on seeing the extortionate prices, we found a lovely place lake-side.


Lake Como

Another day, another lake!


We found a cute cafe perched on the hillside, overlooking the water. Authentically Italian, a sign over the bar offered a cheaper espresso if ordered with a “per favore”!


Re-fueled with coffees and cornettos, our next stop was the water’s edge. A small group of locals and a couple of other tourists were already there, sunning themselves on the steps, bobbing about in the water or throwing themselves off the bridge and into the lake. After a bit of cajoling, I joined in and tentatively flung myself into the water. Julian, on the other hand, needed no persuading and showed off, doing back-flips and dives.


I have loved Italy since my first holiday to the country as a child, and my love grew even more with this trip. The lakes are stunning. If you get a chance to go, especially in a camper van, do it!

Have a happy week xx



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