Japan, Day 2


So so sorry I haven’t written for a couple of weeks! After finishing uni I have been here, there, and everywhere, for birthday celebrations, catch-ups, and a lovely family holiday to Crete.

But I am back now (for a couple of days at least as I’m off to Morocco tomorrow!) to fulfil my promise of a second post about Japan. Here is my post about Day 1.

Jap 5

After our very early night we rose early and wandered around a sleepy Yokohama. Eventually shops and cafes began to open and we had a delicious breakfast before heading to a fish market. Despite our ridiculously early start our relaxed stroll and brekkie meant that we had missed the best of the market and they were mostly cleared away. A foolish mistake! But we still saw the biggest mussels we have ever seen!

Jap 4

Then we hopped onto a train and made it to Kamakura without any of the previous day’s hiccups! It’s quite a long walk to Kōtoku-in, the Buddhist temple, so we hailed a very chirpy taxi driver to give us a lift.

We saw a giant green Buddha and Julian got a bit peckish!

Japan 7

Whilst walking back to the station we treated ourselves to ice creams, staying clear of the sweet potato or milk and salt flavours…

Jap 2

After a while of meandering and another successful train journey we were back in Yokohama. We made a trip to a supermarket to pick up some Japanese souvenirs and snacks, before returning to the hotel.

By this point we were super sleepy and unwilling to get dressed up to go out for dinner, so we ordered a cheeky room service. And we ate our curry looking out over the city!

Jap 3

The next morning we had to reluctantly fly home. The only consolation about leaving was that I got to fly business class!! Yay to the perks of dating cabin crew! Having never flown anything other than economy before this was a big deal. I was shocked to learn that in business class you’re given a menu to choose what you would like for your three course meal!

Jap 6

It was a lovely surprise to end a fab couple of days. If you get the chance to go to Japan, do it!

Have a happy week! xx


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