Wine time!

Exeter may be a little city but it is a lovely city, full of cute independent shops, restaurants and bars. Despite being in my third year of study here there are numerous places I am yet to visit, but keen too. So good friend, Jess, and I decided we’d drink our way around the city, tasting and comparing the house whites we’d try. So here are our findings…

First up was Artigiano, which I also blogged about for my coffee shop series here.

Medium size glass of house white: £4.50

Jess and I are by no means wine experts, but we liked this wine a lot. Very easy to drink – a nice change from the cheap plonk we pre on! Unbeknown to us at the time there’s live music on a Thursday which meant we had a soothing sound track for the night. Great acoustic guitar stuff. We commented that it would be the perfect place for a date – music to distract if the conversation dries up and plenty of people around to create a nice buzz (and so strangers can’t easily eaves drop on flirtatious conversation!).

The decors nice too, a bit fluorescent art piece hangs on the wall. Plus they offer nibbles of bread and olives too, which looked very tempting.

Summary: Good wine, decent price, nice people, cool surroundings + music. 

Next was my first ever visit to the relatively new Tabac Taphouse.

The bar man looked a bit confused when we asked for the house white, so we tried two different wines (the top two on the menu) – just to be fair, you know. Both medium, one was £5.50, the other £4.25.

The pricier one definitely tasted nicer, you get what you pay for. The choice was extensive, wines lined the walls, each with a little label detailing what foods should be paired with it. The atmosphere was very mature and grown up, the craft beers obviously a pull for older men with greying hipster beards and plaid shirts. We were curious to see a lunch menu too, I’d been keen to try one of their chunky cheese and chutney, posh sandwiches.

Summary: Variety of price, rugged bistro-feel, tasty wine, arty interior.

 Mid-week you’ll have another two bars and more wine to finish the series!

Happy drinking!

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