Borough Market is Cool

I like Borough Market. Borough Market is cool.

Borough 1 Borough 2

I met up with the lovely lady behind House of Blog and we meandered around the market, munching on the foodie offerings. A frequent visitor, Fran headed straight to the macaroons, under orders from her housemates to retrieve them some of the sweet treats.

It was a Saturday and busy with hungry humans queuing for giant, shiny-white meringues, varying colours and flavours of goat milk ice-cream and steaming pans of Pad Thai; we joined the latter queue.

Borough 5

Sticky noodles and chicken with crunchy bean sprouts and carrots, topped with a sprinkling of nuts and a lemon wedge. Yum, yum, yum. Despite feeling full with a generous portion of Thai street food we succumbed to the offerings of fresh fruit drinks and each had an apple and cranberry juice. More yum.

Borough 3 Borough 4

I’d got the train into London Bridge so just had to cross the road and head down the steps to get to the food market, to be greeted by the smells of sizzling sausages and paella. Very convenient. No doubt I will be returning soon to sample some of the other nibbly bits: cupcakes, brownie chunks, posh hot dogs and fresh fish.

I like Borough Market. Borough Market is cool.


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