The Great West Run

Sorry this post is a day late but I hope you can understand I was a little bit busy yesterday! And also had to wait for photos… But here it is!

Last July I succumbed to the peer pressure of my running friends and signed up to The Great West Run, a half marathon in and around Exeter. Part of me detests them for putting my through this pain but nothing beats the feeling of completing a challenge like this.

Half 2 Half 5

For the past couple of months I’ve been training hard in preparation, running further and further each time. It’s been a fun way of exploring my city and although I have found myself lost on several occasions, attempting to find my way home was a pleasant distraction from the pain in my legs! It’s been tough on my body, rarely have I gone to bed without aching in some capacity, whether it’s tight calves or a gross blood blister on my foot. But it hasn’t always been hard work; with all the extra calories I’ve been burning I’ve been able to eat a ridiculous! Yes to Nutella and banana porridge as a snack and cereal and toast AND eggs for breakfast. Happy tummy.

It was an early start yesterday. Whilst my housemates slept I fuelled my body with cinnamon, honey and banana porridge (it’s amazing, try it!) pinned my number onto my vest and slipped on my trainers. Before heading into the grey day, filled with apprehension. I met my University athletics club friends and we dropped off our bags before heading to the start line.

Half 3 Half 1

We were running eight minute miles for the first six miles, which in hindsight was too fast. I couldn’t sustain it and my legs began to stubbornly protest. Annoyingly the nerves also made me need the toilet half way round which obviously added a bit to my time. The Great West Run is infamous for its hill and they really were a pain in the back/shoulders/legs/every part of my body. I was kept smiling (or at least attempting to smile) by the lovely volunteers, angels clad in fluorescent orange t-shirts, who handed out water and jelly babies to help us struggling runners. As I was running and consumed with pain I kept thinking that I’d never ever EVER want to do this again. But when the last half a mile is downhill and you can finish at a fast pace with a shout out from the commentator and your fab housemate cheering for you at the finish line you forget the previous pain. As I type now my legs are stiff and tummy muscles tight but I’m almost tempted to sign up for the Bath Half Marathon…

Much Love xx

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