Yayoi Kusama Arty Amazingness

If you’re in London tomorrow or Saturday then there is something you must do!

Yayoi Kusama’s art is being exhibited at the Victoria Miro gallery so get your cute little bums there asap as it ends on the 30th July.

Yayoi 4

The exhibition is open 10-6 and when we arrived at 10.45 the queue was already 45 minutes long! I investigated further and was informed by the bouncer (yes, the gallery had heavies haha) that they have been seeing 10,000 visitors a week for this exhibition! Yayoi is one popular lady.

And it’s pretty easy to see why…

Yayoi 6

Her infinity rooms are unlike anything I have ever experienced in a gallery before. Only a couple of people are allowed in the box at once, and you’re given just a short time to absorb your surroundings. It wasn’t long enough! I could have stayed in the chandelier room all day, it was so beautiful.

Yayoi 5

She really likes pumpkins! We could find no explanation for this. Presumably they’re her favourite food or something.

Yayoi 3

Reading up about Kusama’s past is fascinating and explains a lot about her work.

Yayoi 2

If you like dots, pumpkins, bright colours, and sparkly things then you will be in your element!

Yayoi 1

Happy arty adventures xxx




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