Father’s Day Rock Cakes

I couldn’t decided what to get my Dad as a gift for Father’s day – there are only so many times you can buy him socks or a tie! So I went for something quite nostalgic.

For Christmas every year, when my sister and I were little, we’d find in our stockings a little box. A little box that rattled when you shook it and as the wrapping paper was torn away would reveal a Lego set, depicting yellow-faced people smiling, perhaps on a speed boat, or maybe in a helicopter. My Dad is an engineer and my Mum has always joked the Lego was more for him than for us as he’d spend the majority of Christmas day building the multi-coloured houses and vehicles, our carpet resembling a miniature town.

So I bought him a mini Lego kit! And the afternoon saw him sprawled on the sitting room floor building a shiny red plane. He’d have looked like a  kid again had it not been for the beer bottle he sporadically sipped from whilst searching for the next piece he needed.

Nostalgia also helped me to decide what to bake – rock cakes. Throughout my childhood we nibbled on these spicy cakes filled with sultanas. And as they’re one of my Dad’s favourites snacks they felt appropriate for Father’s Day.

Rockcakes 3 Rockcakes 2

So here’s the recipe…

1lb self-raising flour
8oz margarine
6oz demerara sugar
6oz fruit (raisins or sultanas)
2 eggs
2 tsp mixed spice

1) Preheat oven to 180 degrees celcius and line 2 baking trays with grease-proof paper.
2) Mix the sugar and fruit in a bowl then sieve the flour and spice into the same bowl.
3) Using your finger tips rub in the margarine and then add the whiskey eggs.
4) Combine the ingredients to form a ball then break off gold ball size pieces to place on baking trays. It should make about 20 cakes.
5) Cook for around 20 minutes, until golden.

Happy baking!

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Rockcakes 1 Rockcakes 4


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